The Cactus Natural Hair Oil
The Cactus Natural Hair Oil

The Cactus Natural Hair Oil

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This all natural hair oil is a blast of vitamins K and B-6 to hydrate and improve dry and damaged hair. 100% natural cactus oil with ginger oil. Blasts of vitamins k & b-6. Cold pressed cactus, cold pressed sesame, cold pressed castor oils. Naturally treats dry, damaged hair and heat treated hair. Curbs hair loss. A high concentration of vitamin b 5 which retains moisture. Ginger fights free radicals.

  • 100 % Natural

  • Natural Hair treatment

  • Hydrating for scalp and hair

Ingredients: Cactus Oil, Garlic Oil, Sesame Oil (Cold Pressed), Castor Oil (Cold Pressed)

Directions: Use your fingers to apply oil into scalp and hair, massage lightly. Shampoo and rinse after 1 hour or later.

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